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What is Africarewo ry?

The African Care Women is a Helsinki-based Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) meant to promote the Empowerment of women generally.

AfricareWo was established by women , who have lived in Finland for several years and are well aware of the situation in African communities. The group aims at reaching out to African women in areas of healthcare , education and other social projects. Specifically, AfricaCareWo intends to mobilize African women in Finland to undertake entrepreneurial development training programmes as well as income-generating activities as a vehicle for economic empowermwnt. Initially, the empowerment programme will startwith African women living in the Helsinki area.


What is AfriCareWo doing?

AfricareWo is adopting Women in Development (WID) approach with women and children as the primary target groups. In the future (GAD) approach would be the Gender and Development would be the preferred option to address the concerns of both sexes. The secondary mission of the group is also to promote social integration or harmonious multiculturalsim (peaceful coexitence). To achieve these goals, the programme looks forward to establishing educational sub-programmes targeting children and youth, in particular, to understand and appreciate issues like xenophobia, human rights, global peace and safe environment.

In furtherance to the above, the programme will lay emphasis on the development of cultural education by by encouraging the use of Africa dancing, poetry, literature, story telling to mention just a few.